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Height distribution us men

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View All Tutorials. Fundamentals of Statistics 2: The Normal Distribution:: Introducing the Normal Distribution.

The normal distribution is the most important distribution in statistics. It describes a symmetric bell-shaped distribution.

People's heights, weights and IQ scores are all roughly bell-shaped hs symmetrical around a mean. This bell-shaped pattern is seen a lot and is why it gets the name normal.

Most statistical tests in some way assume data to be roughly normally distributed even when they're not. The normal distribution is actually a family of many different bell-shaped distributions.

Height distribution us men can be described by two parameters: If we took a large sample of men and women's heights and graphed the frequency of the heights we'd see something like the following: Not Published.

To prevent comment spam, please answer the following question before submitting tags not permitted: The vertical scale is not specified.

A frequency of 70 is meaningless! You say that this is "normal," but its difficult to understand what height distribution us men meant by this without answering the question, as opposed to what? Im a little confused what non-normal graphs would look like?

Other than that, good explanation - thanks!