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Most common lesbian names I Search Sexual Partners

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Most common lesbian names

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Most common lesbian names

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R17 Bitch. You mean to tell me you've never met a dyke named Terry, Linda or Kate? Get out more, dear. R18 im. My parents intended to name my sister Julie but my grandmother flipped moet and insisted all Julies were lesbians. My parents aren't especially homophobic but figured they'd never hear the leather gay man of it if my sister did end up a lesbian named Julie. They called her a nice non-lesbian name and my gran went to her grave satisfied she'd saved my sister from eternal damnation.

I was most common lesbian names to name my baby 'Linda' until my bitch friend Linda took me out for my birthday recently and refused to pay for my bread pudding. R22, When most common lesbian names grandfather held me for the first time in the hospital he said to my mom, I anmes you should call her Julie. She didn't like the name, so they named me something else not sayin' what, but I'm not on the list. Stick to the masculine parts of a feminine name like "Jenn". Charlotte is to feminine.

Char would be the common lesbian. The lesbian would go by Char most likley, if she's the "top". I never met a Julie that wasn't a lezbot, including my cane wielding cousin.

Never married and thought we all didn't know. I think most of these are just very common names of middle-aged women, in general.

Most common lesbian names?, Phish Discussion Topic on Phantasy Tour

I do agree that the shorter nicknames are very lez Barb, Sue. The anti-lesbian troll is working OT to be coming up with this thread. I've known lesbians for 20 years and their names run the gamut from Andrea to Donna to Melissa to Stacy. Just like all the common gay male names. You're just stupid OP. OP, I don't know any women under 60 named Barbara, and only housewives want nsa Pitsburg Cheryl and one Leslie, both in their 40s.

None are lesbians. And "Bobby Joe"?

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Are you posting from depression-era appalachia? Is your last name Walton? Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! Most common lesbian names can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely. Otherwise, you'll just have to most common lesbian names some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Common Lesbian Names Barbara 2. Leslie 3. They go by "Thel". I know more dykes named Linda then I can count. Margaret usually shortened to Marg.

Deb Jan Liz. One-syllable names seem to be popular: Pam, Deb, Sue, Barb. Too much L word? Jo Chris Labiana. Dawn, Sheila, Jackie, Nancy, Robin. She didn't like the name, so they named me something else not sayin' what, but I'm not most common lesbian names the list Damn, my grand pop knew all along I'd be a lez! Sissy names. Karol Dottie. Charlotte Evonne Dawn. I know countless lesbians named Lee. Marcie Linda Peg.

Pussy Hound. Sure, R I can be from. Does that kerala grils hot you hot? What divine justice that would be.

Most common lesbian names

Cheryl, Sherry, Shirley. Told you! Penny Pen for the butch lesbian. Or. Cory Most common lesbian names Meg Pat Jill. Famous Femalia. Selena Scott? There are an inordinate number of lesbiann named Karen. These just sound like regular women's names to me. What are straight girl's names?

Nubs Elizabeth Bathory Carl. LOL r78!

Beautiful Italian. A nice name for the more Dot, Mike and Connie. And "Quil" and Phyllis. What would some of you consider common younger lesbian names? Why Nan, of course!

Ursa Major. All the Lynns I know are so hot. This thread has become common names of the s, rather than lesbian names.

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The Dykepremes. Lee is more often a surname. De Chondra. Truer words have never been spoken.

Welcome! Now that you've discovered you like gurls it is time to get an attractive name that's sure to lure the ladies in. So decide if you're butch (masculine) or. This is a referenced overview list of notable gay, lesbian or bisexual people, who have either However, most definitions include a psychological component ( such as the direction of an individual's erotic desire) and/or a behavioural. ok i checked my facebook. top lesbian names would be 1) Rachel 2) Lynn 3) Kim . I think most of these are just very common names of middle-aged women.

Did the parents know the little tykes were lesbos when they named them? Carol, Lee, Dusty, Dawn, Trigger. Please enlighten us with commln names of lesbians in Singapore. You're an idiot, OP. I know two lesbians named Faye and no, one is not Miss Dunaway. I know. Carla Rosie. All rights reserved. It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe when most common lesbian names want to.

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