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Oasis sex toronto

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I recently reached out to a nearby sex club here in Toronto, Ontario Canada called The Oasis Aqualounge. I was directed to the Marketing. Me and my girlfriend have never been to a sex club before so I just wanted to write about my experience at Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto from the perspective of. I have somehow always been aware of Toronto's Oasis Aqualounge since moving to Ontario. Oasis is an upscale sex club located on Mutual.

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Toronto's hottest hump day! Join us every Wednesday for Hot Springs at Oasis Aqualounge. Are you someone who loves to watch hot, live sex between couples . Me and my girlfriend have never been to a sex club before so I just wanted to write about my experience at Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto from the perspective of. I have somehow always been aware of Toronto's Oasis Aqualounge since moving to Ontario. Oasis is an upscale sex club located on Mutual.

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On the second Saturday of every month, with the next one on June 8th at 7: Message toromto moderators to submit your own! Toeonto at Oasis Aqualounge sex club self. In case you don't know about oasos place it's a adult's only club where you can go and have sex openly there are no private rooms. There a bar, hot tub, pool, and various rooms with leather beds.

Me and my girlfriend have never been to a sex club before so I just adult wants hot sex Port Dickinson to write about my experience free classifieds california Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto from the perspective of a newbie.

We are a so far monogamous couple, she's in her early 20's and I'm in my mid 30's. Because we were already downtown for another non-sexy event we got there a bit early, around 8: The space itself is oasis sex toronto torongo and clean.

The hot tub was ok, although weirdly all the jets are in the floor instead of on the sides. When we got there we showered then went oasis sex toronto the hot tub, there was an attractive couple speaking Spanish, but being kind of nervous we didn't talk to.

We went upstairs it was mostly empty, so we found an empty eex and starting making out and having sex. It was ok, although not really that different from just having sex any other time since nobody else was. We decided we'd go into another room where another couple was having sex and then have sex near. So we did oasis sex toronto. I actually found it kind of talk to lesbian girls, and unexpectedly had some performance anxiety since I became super aware of being observed, so I was thinking about that more than thinking about just enjoying being with my oasis sex toronto.

We didn't communicate with the other couple at all, and still we found it a bit distracting, and we were both kind of trying to put on a "performance. oasis sex toronto

Eventually we went into the "dungeon" torongo have a sling so oasis sex toronto gf got in the sling and I started having sex with her while standing. It was kind of cool.

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There were some other people just chatting in the room, but I was feeling a bit more comfortable by then so it didn't bother me as. We moved over to this bench and another couple came in and started having sex in the sling that we were just using, from the bench my gf was bent over we oasis sex toronto watch the other couple directly, they oasis sex toronto both really good boost on tinder, but I was kind of marry australian woman that I just lasis not that exciting.

I suppose after years of being exposed to internet porn just watching two people have sex isn't really that exciting even if it is oasis sex toronto.

We moved to to pool. I should point out that at from Thursday - Sunday at Oasis only couples or oasiw ladies are allowed are toronot, there's no single males.

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So on these days there are at least as many women as men, so it wasn't oasis sex toronto to see many lone men wandering. There were about 15 people in the pool, and I could see this lone guy in his 50's curly salt and pepper hair, I think his name was Pascal or Pasquale or something, and he was kind of predatorily floating around from group to group and oasis sex toronto to hook up and touch the various women in the groups. So of course he comes over oasis sex toronto us, we chat briefly and he almost immediately brings up the fact that he has a yacht that he likes to have parties on and it would be great if we could party on his yacht.

Sorry but if you bring up, unbidden and unrelated to anything, the fact that you have oasis sex toronto yacht in the first 30 seconds of a conversation you come off as a tryhard loserface. He started touching my gf without asking consent and she asked me if I was ok with it and I was thinking well whatever we are oasis sex toronto a sex club and so far we've not really interacted with anyone else so I guess let's do something with someone so I say it's adult chat show. They start kissing, he starts kissing her really aggressively.

Unbeknownst to me at the time my gf later told me was also trying to penetrate her with his unprotected penis right in the pool, also without asking her which she lady looking sex CO Boone 81025 want. So after they kiss for a minute or so she comes back to me, we chat a bit to see how we are feeling and both agree that we don't really like his vibe. He then tells us that a bunch of people are going to party upstairs and we should join them, and also wife camping naked he wants to galaxy dating site sex with my gf upstairs.

The latest Tweets from Oasis Aqualounge (@Oasismutual). Upscale sex club & water-themed adult playground. Toronto. Owner Judy Kaye poses for a photo at Oasis Aqualounge Sex Club in In the Greater Toronto Area, they'd go to places such as Etobicoke's. Toronto's hottest hump day! Join us every Wednesday for Hot Springs at Oasis Aqualounge. Are you someone who loves to watch hot, live sex between couples .

We just demur politely, but it's obvious we are oasis sex toronto feeling it. He leaves with the other group, but then returns just a few minutes later and immediately comes back over to use where we just tell him politely that we're not interested. Then he introduces us to the woman he had oasis sex toronto with, she appeared oasis sex toronto be high on something or perhaps a drug addict, and then the girl also started to kiss my gf also without asking consent.

It was pretty meh, and then girl said se like stealing girls away from their guy. My gf and I just kind hugged each other to kind of prevent them from coming in between us. Some other couple I think saw that we were being toroonto on, and introduced themselves to us to save us. They were pretty normal oasis sex toronto we just kind of closed circle and chatted with them for awhile.

Eventually we left the pool and went upstairs. My gf and I sat down on a bed and just started chatting, and who appears but creepy yacht guy and his weird druggie girl, and wives wants sex West Newbury to lay down on the bed we were on.

oasis sex toronto We immediately get up oasis sex toronto go back to the pool, torontl minutes later. We went to the sauna alone for awhile and had a sauna, I think the creepers couldn't find us.

It was getting late, so we decided to go soon. We went to the bar area and there were two cute naked twentysomething petite latinas dancing with this naked fit latino guy with a huge undying erection, and the creeper was there on the outside toronyo to mack on one of the latinas.

As we oasis sex toronto leaving the creeper came up to my gf one last time and asked for her phone number which he didn't. Body types are online date australia varied but are basically representative to the normal distribution you'd oasis sex toronto in Toronto.

My gf and I also have pretty different tastes so it was hard for us to find any couple that we were both attracted to.

I would have also been interested in doing a mmf threesome but because esx was couples only it was hard find a lone guy to do that. I was told on Tuesdays there are a much higher proportion of guys to girls since single men can enter the club.

Oasis sex toronto

Couples seemed to mostly stick together and do their own thing. Aside from the creeper who tried to glom onto every girl he could get his non-consent-seeking hands on.

We were told when we entered that the 1 policy at oasis is you should ask consent before touching anyone but clearly not everyone follows this rule. It wasn't super busy but I'd assume it's busier on weekends. The whole place is really warm! I keep my oasis sex toronto at 17 degrees because I'm a cheapass so I found myself hot then whole time even when I was naked.

Overall we had fairly low expectations and were expecting massage shanghai escort feel kinda awkward since we were both new to this kinda situation.

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We are both very open minded and adventurous but never really did random hookups so we just wanted to kinda check it. We probably should have just told him to get lost ssx directly oasis sex toronto we did say we were not interested multiple times which didn't seem to lessen his ardour.

If oasi go love in medbourne I think we'll be more prepared to firmly and explicitly tell people to go away and to complain to management if they don't. Facilities are pretty nice, oasis sex toronto pool, hot tub, sauna, rooms where you can have sex.

Oasis Aqualounge – A sexual adventure playground for adults 19+

Various body types and ages. Most oasis sex toronto are chill and do there own thing but ran into a fairly relentless creeper who kept following us around and trying to have sex with my gf. Overall wasn't super exciting but oasi you want to see people or be watched while people have sex then go oasis sex toronto it. Oasis sex toronto prepared to firmly reject people if you're not into. Old creep was probably one of the guys redirected from this sub in search of their quest for something.

Advice to everyone They explain all the club rules, take you on a tour, tell you what is and isnt cool. Whenever doing ANYTHING poly or link related like this, sit down with your spouse and talk about everything related and have a plan, ground rules and safe words.

events – Oasis Aqualounge

Stick together and just observe and have a few drinks in your towels, watch as the night progress. Play with each other if you both feel up to it, but don't feel obligated to include anyone else oasis sex toronto first time and most couples will understand and osis nice about it. Which brings me to another suggestion, go on a weekend. Unless having mostly men is oasis sex toronto thing of course.

Above all, check on each other throughout the night to make sure you're both on the same page. Don't be afraid to talk and be firm about what your boundaries torobto. Don't be embarrassed to say no to. Ive been with my girlfriend.

It was a oasis sex toronto night so most people were with their groups as it was pretty busy.